How Large is a Sun Tea Jar?

Sun tea is one of the most unique drinks ever made. It is ideal for countries with pleasant sunshine for the most part of the year. Then again, others can find a way of brewing their own by using a sun room or something like that.

Basically, a sun tea is brewed not via a teapot as was conventional but via the heat of the sun. As the name suggests, sun tea is all about pouring in the tea bags into a jar and setting the jar out where it can enjoy the warm sunshine and brew the natural way. There is nothing much you need but, yes, a sun tea jar – the jug where you can brew your drink.

The Size of a Sun Tea Jar

When it comes to brewing sun tea, any jar would be suitable in whatever size. But how large is a sun tea jar ideal for home use? Well, experts say you should pick a jar that can accommodate at least a gallon or two of your drink. In countries where warm sunshine is numbered, you have to take advantage. As such, you must keep a really spacious jug to brew your delicious sun tea, which is great to turn into an iced drink.

Steps to Make a Sun Tea

Brewing your own sun tea is as simple as counting 1-2-3. Here’s a guideline:

Step 1: Set out your jar. It must be a one-gallon or two-gallon jar, depending on availability as well as on the amount of tea you would like. Clean it thoroughly before filling it in with water.

Step 2: Put in your tea bags. The Strings must hang on the sides of the jar while the bags are submerged into the water. You can use 5 tea bags for every gallon of water. Adjust according to how strong you want your tea to be. Choose your favorite flavor or you can combine different flavors for a more exciting and unique tea experience. Others use fresh tea leaves or other herbs instead of tea bags. That is okay for as long as you keep your herbs clean before putting them into your jar of water.

Step 3: Cover the jar tightly. The lid will hold the strings of your tea bags in place.

Step 4: Set the jar in your windowsill or anywhere it will enjoy direct heat from sunlight. Depending on how warm the climate is, you may leave your jar of tea brewing for an hour or so. Then, you’re set to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of sun tea.

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