How Big is London Tower?

The dimensions of the Tower of London, specifically the White Tower, is 107 x 118 feet across and 90 feet high. It is the most ancient part of the Tower complex. Building of the tower started in 1078 upon the orders of William the Conqueror. The whole complex covers 18 acres.

Other Facts about the White Tower

The entrance is at the first floor. It is accessible by way of a detachable staircase. The origin of the name is unknown. But many historians believe it was used during the rule of Henry III (1216-1272) when it was painted that color.

During the 16th century, the onion domes were added. Another notable feature is the Chapel of St. John the Evangelist. It is at the second floor. This used to be the worship site for the court.

Uses of the White Tower

The dimensions of the Tower of London is not what drives people here, but the history. The Tower has been used as a repository for documents, an astronomical observatory, center for state events, a prison and residence.

Traitor’s Gate and Tower Green

The water entry by the Tower is known as Traitor’s Gate. Several prisoners were taken to the Tower by this route, including Elizabeth I. Also at the site is a plaque indicating where the scaffold used for executions was. The Tower Green executions happened within the Tower walls. The plaque indicates the names of those who were killed.

The Beauchamp Tower

This was the tower where the offspring of Duke of Northumberland John Dudley were kept after their failed attempt to install Jane Grey as Queen rather than Mary I.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower was used as a prison during the times of the Tudors. Among its most famous prisoners were Princess Elizabeth, Bishop John Fisher and Sir Thomas More.

The Queen’s House

This was built during the time of Henry VIII. It is now the residence of the Resident Governor of the Tower of London. The tower Lieutenant used to reside here. The Lieutenant was the warden of numerous prisoners.

Among the most notable were Guy Fawkes and Lady Jane Grey. The last prisoner at the Tower was Rudolf Heiss in 1941. Some believe that Anne Boleyn was kept here for a time as well.

The dimensions of the Tower of London are not large compared to other towers and castles. But its rich history has made it a popular tourist destination.

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