How Big is a Large Egg?

The large egg size (L) is the most frequently bought type in the United States. Measured in mass per egg, the L size is more than 57 g or 2 oz.

Size Comparisons

In Canada, the L size is 56-62 g. It is slightly larger in Europe at 63-73 g. The sizing conventions used in Australia sets the large at 52 g. In Western Australia, only two sizes are used; medium (43 g) and XXXL (72 g). The minimum mass per egg is used for measuring in New Zealand. Size 7 is the large type and is 62 g.

Egg Grading and Sizing in the US

In the US, the grade shield is provided by the state or through federal supervision. The best are AA followed by A and B. The grade AA egg’s air cell is 1/8 inches deep maximum. For grade B eggs it can be as deep as 3/16. Weighing and sizing of eggs in America is based on the collective weight of 12 eggs. That means the large is 24 oz.

How Many Eggs Does a Chicken Lay?

Hens usually lay an egg a day. The hen will proceed to lay eggs until there are plenty of eggs on the nest. The hen will sit on the eggs until hatching time. During the summer, their reproductive cycle lasts for 24 hours. As winter approaches, the reproductive cycle is shortened.

The hen lays fewer eggs. It usually comes to a complete halt as spring sets forth. Hens do not require fertilization to lay eggs. There are actually plenty of hens that lay eggs without making contact with roosters. Once the hen leaves the nest, the eggs will cool.

If the hen is given proper nutrition, it can lay eggs 30 times its body weight. Assuming it lays eggs once a day for 2 1/2 years, the total will be over 900 eggs.

How Long do Eggs Stay Fresh?

The dimensions of an egg have no direct bearing on how long it can remain fresh. Regardless of the size, the store bought eggs can last 3 to 5 weeks if kept in storage at 40 F. The USDA recommends that eggs exposed to temperatures of more than 40 F for more than two hours be discarded.

Whether you buy large egg sizes, jumbo or small ones, the cartons will specify when the product expires. It is best to use the eggs prior to the expiry date.

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