BBQ Propane Tank Sizes

BBQ propane tank sizes usually refer to the 20 gallon tank. This is the one that is most often used on grills. They are 12 inches in diameter and 18 inches high.

Portable Tanks for Grilling

As this name suggests, these tanks are for portable grills. These tanks are smaller than the standard at only 10 gallons. They are designed for tailgating or camping. A ten gallon tank weighs 11 lbs and is 15 inches high. Like other propane tanks, these are available in sporting goods stores.

Other Propane Tank Dimensions

Aside from the tank types stated earlier, there are many other kinds of tanks sold. Their dimensions are usually listed in gallons or pounds. Sometimes the physical dimensions of the tank are listed as well. It should be stressed that the weight specified is that of the fuel in the container.

It does not refer to the tank’s physical weight. The 20 and 10 gallon tanks stated earlier are BBQ propane tank sizes. But the other sizes are used for different applications. Their contents vary. Their duration depends on how long it is being used.

Small Handheld Canisters

These are the smallest available at 16 ounces. They cannot be used for grilling in the traditional sense. Instead they are used for lanterns and small stoves. They are very easy to set up and can be linked to appliances easily.

20 to 40 Pounders

These are the ones used for barbecue grilling. They are also compatible with various cooking appliances. 40 pound tanks can contain up to 10 gallons. Thirty pound tanks are good for 7 gallons. A standard 20 lb tank can hold four gallons. Usage will depend on the grill output and the BTU.

Larger Tanks

These are much larger than the common 20 – 40 lb tanks. These are very large and can weigh more than 150 lbs. Tanks that are more than 60 lbs are equal to 15 gallons. 25 gallons can be found in 100 lb tanks. The BTU is about two million for these tanks.

These large units can be used for more than cooking. They are also used in other ways. The tanks used in homes are 200 to 1,000 gallons. These types look like the ones on gas and oil on freights.

BBQ propane tank sizes mentioned here are the most common. Some of them are sold online, but a lot of them are also available in all home improvement stores.

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