Hex Nut Dimensions

Hex nut dimensions sold in US hardware stores consist of several sizes. The standard measurements range from fractions of an inch (1/4 in to 3 in) to 8 and 10 (this is less than 1/4 in). The specifications designate their thread opening diameters.


Bolts and hex nuts fuse components together. These are also mated in standard or metric sizes, thread pitch, hole diameters, thickness and width. These corner angles keep rounding off from taking place during the tightening procedure. Hex nut thread holes have to correspond to the diameter of the thread pitch and hex bolt posts. This is to ensure they are secure.

More about Hex Nut Specifications

Hex nut dimensions and measurements at a flat edge to the other edge are usually 11/32 inch (size 8) to 4.5 inches (size 3). Though this is the average there are variations because of the material used. Some of the most commonly used are steel, brass and coating to stop oxidation.

Width across corner measurements are at least size 8 (3/8 inch) up to size 3 (4.959 inch). You will arrive at these figures if measuring from any of the half dozen corners to the opposing corner.

Common Thicknesses

The standards range from size 8 (3/16 inch) minimum up to size 3 (2.654 inches). The thickness of hex jams differs. They are at least size 1/4 (5/32 inch) to a maximum of size 3 (1 19/32 inch). Hex jam nuts are used to fortify against typical hex nuts.

Nuts and Bolts

Nuts and bolts are used together. Although there are many nut specs, most of them are sized based on the bolts they are designed to work with. A 1/4 inch bolt for instance, is usually used with a 7/16 inch nut. This nut has a 7/32-inch basic thickness, 1/2 inch wide across its corners and of course 7/16 wide across flats.

There are heavier nuts for this bolt. Their measurements are 15/64-inch basic thick, 9/16 inch wide across its corners and 1/2 wide across flats. Standard hex nuts come with 7/16-inch basic thickness, 27/32 inch wide across its corners and 3/4 inch wide across flats.

If you are going to use a heavy nut, they will have a 31/64-inch basic thickness, 63/64 inch wide across its corners and 7/8 inch wide across flats. There are many other hex nut dimensions that are available. Make sure you use the right types so the fittings will work.

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