Dimension of a Coat Hanger

Coat hanger dimensions vary as much as the design and styles. Dimension of a Coat HangerMany hangers are 17 inches long, while others are 45 cm long. Others are 15 inches long. The materials used to make coat hangers vary too. Materials used include wood, plastic and metal. There are also hangers made of aluminum, vinyl, bamboo, cedar and more.

Types of Hangers

The coat or clothes hanger comes in three basic variants. The first is the wire hanger. It is constructed of a loop of wire (invariably steel). They are shaped into a flat triangle that is hooked at its top.

The second variant is the wooden hanger. It is comprised of a flat piece of wood. The wood is shaped like a boomerang. While the wooden coat hanger dimensions differ, they all have sanded edges. This is necessary so clothing does not get damaged.

A metal hook will be visible from the point. There are also some wood hangers with rounded bars tip to tip. This gives the appearance of a flattened triangle.

The most widely used is the third type, the plastic coat hanger. These coat hangers resemble the shape of the wood or wire hanger. The plastic hanger is available in more varied sizes, including children’s sizes.


There are numerous variations available. There are some hangers with clips at the bottom. These are used to suspend skirts. There are also some trouser and skirt hangers that don’t use the triangle shape. They use a rod with clips instead.

The coat hanger dimensions vary among the foldable types as well. The pant hanger racks also have different sizes to contain various trousers.

While most coat hangers are made from wire and plastic, a few are constructed from rubber. There are also clothes hangers padded with satin and other materials.

These hangers are used for hanging costly clothes like lingerie, gowns and other dresses. The soft padding is meant to shield the garment from any dents that could made by the hanger.

A caped hanger is a wire hanger wrapped in paper. This is the type used by dry cleaning services to hang the garments.

Other Uses

The coat hanger is also used by campers when roasting hotdogs or marshmallows. Because wire hanger is durable, it is often employed for assorted home and do-it-yourself projects.

The wires in these hangers are used for preventing a brake caliper from hanging on the brake line. The wires are also used to fasten the gate on the bird cage. The wires can also be sanded and used to hot wire cars.

Who Invented the Clothes Hanger?

The shoulder shaped coat hanger was derived from the coat hook that O.A. North of Connecticut invented in 1869. However other people are credited with the invention of the coat hanger, including Albert J. Parkhouse, Meyer May and President Thomas Jefferson. The real inventor of the coat hanger is still a mystery.

Regardless of who invented the device, it would become popular and nearly ubiquitous. Today there are many coat hanger dimensions and styles available.

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