How Small are Pocket Water Filters?

The pocket water filter sizes are naturally small. If you shop online you will see figures of 2.4 x 10 inches, 3 x 8 inches, 3 x 10 inches and thereabouts. These devices are used to treat water.

Widespread Use

These devices are very much in demand today. Relief agencies use them to treat water and remove bacteria. International travelers also bring them along so they are assured of clean drinking water.

These are also sought after by outdoor enthusiasts who may be forced to drink water from different sources. These filters are also used by campers and hikers.


The high quality filters are made from heavy-duty parts. The elements used are designed to work against protozoa, bacteria and other contaminants. The best filters will work even under difficult conditions.

Some filters are disposable; once used they have to be thrown away. But others can be cleaned and used over and over. This will save you money.

Filtering Information

The most important feature is the filter. Since the pocket water filter sizes are not indicative of their filtering capability, you should check the specs.

The best filters can keep out microorganisms bigger than 0.2 microns (0.0002 mm). If the filter can remove organisms around this range, you can be assured the water is clean and safe to drink.


Most filters have ergonomic handles so they are easy to hold. Some products also have a hose that can be joined to water containers. The warranty is also something you should consider. You can get an idea of this from the warranty length.

If it only lasts for a few months, look for another one. A gauge telling you when to replace the filtering element can also come in handy. This is not included in all devices, so look for one that has it.

Other features that you may want are a carrying bag, a prefilter and a cushioned base. The latter will make it easier to pump on different surfaces.

Why is Filtration Necessary?

The WHO estimates that most travel diseases come from drinking water. Water contains bacteria and other harmful organisms. By treating water, you can be assured that it will be clean.

The pocket water filter sizes also give you an idea of their weight. Many weigh around 20 ounces or less. This makes them easy to carry around. Aside from having a good treatment, the filter should also produce a lot of water.

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