Bow Saw Dimensions

Bow saw dimensions vary so it can meet the demands of various users. Some of the most common blade sizes are 30 inches, 24 niches and 21 inches. There are also 15 inch bow saws available. Those who need long blades can buy the 60 inch models.

Facts about the Bow Saw

The bow saw is a cutting tool, but unlike other saws, it is lightweight. This makes it easy to use when cutting large sections of wood. These are typically made from metal and shaped like a bow. The metal blade is joined by the ends. The bow is used to reinforce the blade.

The blade is thin so the friction is reduced. This in turn produces faster cuts. The simple design also makes it easy to replace dulled blades.

The following are some of the ways to use the bow saw.

Tree Felling

Bow saws can be used for felling trees. However, the bow saw dimensions, especially the space between the bow and blade, determine how thick a tree it can cut. No matter which bow saw you use, it is certainly easier to use compared to an axe. There are also some big bow saws for two individuals.

The push and pull action makes it easy to cut the wood. If using a bow saw to cut wood, slice in a downward angle. This procedure will make the tree lean away. The cut will also get deeper and bigger. This also keeps the weight from pressing onto the cut.

Trimming Trees

The bow saw can be used to slice limbs on softwood and hardwood trees. Because the saw is light, it can be carried as you climb the ladder. This will make it easy to chop the tree limbs. The design also gives the woodsman greater cutting force the back swing and swing. This approach also reduces the cutting time by 50%.


The bow saws are not really carving tools, but they can cut sections so it can be used to create different crafts. Notching, diagonal cutting and dovetail cuts are easy to do with a bow too. In other words, the bow saw can make it easy to secure and join wood pieces.

Those who need to do only casual cutting will do fine with the shorter bow saw dimensions. If you are going to perform more heavy duty work, the longer bow saws may be needed.

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