Emergency Light Size Chart

Whether it’s an office building or college dorm, the emergency light is a necessity. The following are the specs for some Williams Downlighting emergency lights. They are a useful gauge of the features of many other devices.

Emergency Light Sizes: EMER with Adjustable Heads

This emergency light measures 16” x 5” x 2-3/8”. The battery is a 6 volt and is rechargeable. It is maintenance free. The light can function for 90 minutes. It is automatic and has a low voltage disconnect. It has a built in function that turns it on automatically in case of a power outage.

The charger is solid state and coated. The emergency light comes with a test switch. It utilizes a LED indicator for the power on and charge rate. The housing is in black or white. The light comes with two adjustable lighting heads (5.4 watts incandescent lamps). Some models also have self diagnostic features.

Emergency Light Sizes: EMER with MR16 Lamps

The emergency light dimensions are 16” x 5” x 4”. The battery is also 6 volts and doesn’t require maintenance. The battery permits 90 minutes of operation. The device is fully automated and has low voltage disconnect (LVD). This feature automatically turns on the device in the event of a power failure.

The housing is in black or white. The emergency light is fitted with two 5-watt MR16 Halogen lamps. The lamps are glare free. The unit comes in black or white. The emergency light housing is injection molded.

Emergency Light Sizes: Decorative Light

This light is 10-5/8” long, 6-1/2” wide and 3-3/4” deep. It uses a 6 volt NiCad battery good for an hour and a half operation. This emergency light may optionally be fitted with a LED low-lumen night light. This comes with the photocell. The faceplate is tethered to help in the maintenance. To ensure maximum illumination, it comes with a mirrored reflector and polycarbonate lens.

There is also a test switch complete with an indicator light. It has an auto LVD for instant activation in case of power outages. The operating temperature is between 32F to 122F degrees. It uses 6 watt Xenon lamps, which are brighter than incandescent lamps. The housing colors are black, nickel or white.

LED Clusters and Reflectors

Depending on the emergency light size, there may be one or more LED clusters. The heads are either wedge base lamps or PAR 36 sealed beams. Regardless of manufacturer, all of them have a reflector installed to intensify the light. The reflector may use a plastic cover or it could be a reflector set at the rear of the light source.

Most emergency lights can be rotated. This is necessary so they can be oriented in the needed direction. Also, most of these devices use low voltage. A lot of these units use batteries made of lead-calcium. Depending on the design, the light must be turned off once it has been activated. This can be done by pressing the reset button.

The emergency light sizes vary, so you need to conduct some research to find the most suitable one. Of course, the illumination has to be accounted for.

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