A2 Size

Among A-series paper sizes is the A2 size. A-series follow ISO 216 standards on commercial paper dimensions both in millimeters and in inches. These dimensions are internationally used in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, particularly the A4 which is twice the A2 size.

The ISO 216 standard measurement for A2 is 23.4 by 16.5 inches or 594 by 420 mm. It is half the dimensions of A1 and contains four A4s or letter-size coupon bonds and three legal bond papers. It can also fit 8 to 9 A5s. For measurements in feet simply divide inch values by 12. For centimeters divide millimeter values by 10.

B and C Series

There are also the B and C series. So there are the B2 and C2 sizes. B series is for measurements in between the standards of A0 and A1. If the needed dimensions are a bit smaller or bigger than what A Series affords, it’s more practical to use B series than have leftovers from cutting. The C series is solely for envelope use.

Here are some practical uses of A2 size:

For Printing Books

Book printers often use bigger sizes of paper when printing books and other literature. The uncut sizes are bought cheaper from paper manufacturers and are cut to size in their printing shops. The same is done when printing promotional materials like posters, fliers, brochures, and leaflets. Printers buy rolls of A2 size and print the information on them and then cut them to their respective sizes.

For School and Office Supplies

The rims of paper sold in bookstores all originate from big sizes. If not an A0 or an A1 (which are too big for most cutting machines to handle), then A2s are used. They are cut to the dimensions of different bond paper measurements, like a letter or legal bond paper. They are also used for pads (long, short, lengthwise, and crosswise), pages of drawing or coloring books, stationery, envelopes, and even cards, among other uses.

ISO 216 standards do not cover paper dimensions bigger than A0. If accuracy in paper measurements is the need, buy within the ISO 216 specifications. ISO 216 was derived from the German Din 476 measurement standard. When buying raw materials for printing, like paper, make sure they are in their standard measurements. This is important especially for those in the supplies business.

Some Guidelines for A-Series Standards
• Dividing the length by the width results to 1.4142.
• A0 is always one square meter.
• Measurements are rounded off to the nearest mm.

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