How Large is a Cot?

Many cot dimensions are available so you can choose one that fits. You will see some measuring 30″W x 76″L and others 85 x 40 inches. The measurements are smaller when the bed is folded. Some of the big ones measure only 42 x 12 x 7 inches when folded.

Cot Facts

The cot is a bed small enough to be portable. It is used by campers who need a place to sleep on. In the United States, the bed is used by children and adults. In the United Kingdom, the bed is used almost exclusively by adults.


The portable beds for children are available in a variety of designs. More and more people are using them because of the safety features. The bed is light because it is made of ripstop nylon. There is a mattress at the bottom.

All of them can be folded for convenience. There are several cot dimensions for adults. Their construction also varies. Like those for kids, the cot for adults has a collapsible mattress. High mesh sides are prevalent in most of these beds.

Camping Cots for Kids

Several designs are available. Many of them look like a playpen, but with certain modifications. Many have a top so insects are unable to bite the child. Some models even offer sun protection. These are more expensive than the standard cots.


Campers will benefit from these because they provide a comfortable place to sleep on. These beds can also be used at home. If you have a house guest, just unfold one and they will have a place to sleep. Some people even use these in lieu of hotel beds.


While the cot dimensions vary, the basic construction is the same. Usually, a rectangular tubular metal frame is used. It is fitted with a ripstop nylon. There are collapsible legs below the frame. These keep the bed above the ground.

The bed may fold in thirds or in half. It depends on the manufacturer. The inflatable mattress is one of the better known types. They are known for their comfort and size variety. Many are small enough to be placed in storage bags.

Other designs are available. Some models are inflated using electrical power. Others will require a foot pump. The mattress types can be stored in vehicles. The costs of these beds depend on their quality. It also hinges on the size and the brand name.

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