Dimension of a Rumpus Room


A rumpus room is an area reserved in the house for recreational and gaming activities. The room can be for kids and adults. 

Rumpus Room Size

The dimensions used differ because it can be set up anywhere in the house. For example, a spare room can be turned into a rumpus room. Or you can use part of the garage. You can also set it up in the basement. The dimensions of the room determine what kind of furniture you can put in there. 

For Children and Adults 

Rumpus rooms will have different features depending on who it is for. For younger kids, it can be simply a room where the toys are located. This not only gives the kids a room of their own, but it ensures the other rooms in the house don’t get cluttered. 

The rumpus room size for adults can be a lot larger. Depending on the dimension of the room, it can contain a large flatscreen TV, a pool table, tabletop games and video games. 

Rumpus rooms for teens may include a TV, DVD players, CD players, video game consoles and may more. While the designs vary, the room will usually be divided into various sections like entertainment, seating and games. 

Tips for Designing the Room 

The first step is to measure the room. Take note of the dimensions, the doors and the stairs. Also note down the permanent fixtures and other items in he room. These may have an effect on the number of items you can put in the room. 

Themes and Styles 

Once you have figured out the rumpus room size, decide the theme. For young kids, bright vivid colors are always good choices. You can also decorate it with posters of their favorite cartoon characters. 

Of course it never hurts to ask their opinion. Getting them involved in the design process can make room decorating more fun. You can also use games or sports themes. If the rumpus room is for adults, decide if the room is going to look funky, contemporary or rustic.

How to Setup the Room 

Most rooms will be divided into entertainment, seating and games. The entertainment section will consist of the audiovisual elements like the TV, DVD, gaming consoles, CD players etc. If the space permits, a projection screen or full home theater system can be installed. 

The seating arrangement will vary. Bean bags are ideal for kids and teens. You can also put in recliners, bar stools and pub tables. As for the games, you have several options. 

Among the most popular options are tabletop games. You can also add table foosball, table tennis and a pool table. Board games are also popular. If space allows, you can add some arcade games too. Don’t clog the room up though; just put in the stuff you need. 

When you are assessing the rumpus room size, you have to think of what to include. It’s a good idea to talk with the members of the family so everyone will have fun. 

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