Mud Room Sizes


A mud room or mudroom is an entryway or room in the house used for messy entrances. For example, if you are wearing dirty boots, you will enter the house from the mudroom so the rest of the house stays clean. 

Mud Room Size

The dimensions of the mud room will vary. The reason is that in some homes, the mud room is just an entryway. In others, the mudroom is combined with the laundry room. If you are designing the room, you can make it 50 or 40 square feet. This will give you sufficient space to furnish the room. 

Basic Design Considerations 

Start by deciding what you want to store in the mud room. You should base this on the activities that have to be done for the day. Next, you should create sections in the room. 

Keep the sports equipment, keys, mail, backpacks and jackets separate. Organizing the contents will make the mud room size seem bigger than it is. Always return the items to their designated places. This will keep the clutter and dirt to a minimum. 

How to Customize the Room 

If many people are going to use the room, you should customize the contents. Each user should mark the containers that they use. Make sure also that guests will have their own space in the mud room. Areas where they can leave their shoes and hang their coats must be set. 

Shelves and Compartments 

Wire shelves will be handy, as they can be utilized as drying racks for wet materials. Be certain the shelves aren’t too high people cannot reach them. 

Regardless of the mud room size, you should choose seating that come with storage slots. This not only gives people a place to sit but also provide a place to store their clothes and other stuff. 

Wall Paint and Rugs 

If you’re going to use rags, make sure they’re non-skid and can be washed. Remember that rugs will soak up water and dirt. If they are not cleaned, people may slip. The wall paint has to be water resistant. 

The flooring must also be nonslip. The walls in particular must be able to withstand rain drenched jackets that are hanged on it. The same thing with the floor; boots coming in from the rain will be slippery.

Tip: pick rugs that have a dark color. It will make the dirt less conspicuous. Nevertheless, the rugs should be washed thoroughly. 

Other Considerations 

When setting up the mud room, think of how you will use it. Will you join it with the laundry room or will it be a separate room? If it’s a separate room, take note of the measurements. 

It will help you determine if it has enough room for the stuff you want to put there. Make a list of the different times you want to put there. This will help you determine if the room dimensions are sufficient. 

Using the correct mud room size allows you to make maximum use of it. By making it as spacious as possible, you will be able to keep the rest of the house clean. 

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