Closet Dimensions

The standard closet dimensions can be a useful guide for those wanting to make one. Those who are unsure of what size to buy can use this guide as well.

Standard Depth Measurements

The minimum depth for coats is 28 inches. For dresses and suits, it is 24 inches. For play wraps around hangers, the minimum requirement is 16 inches.

Rod Height

The rod height has to be 63 inches. The rod height for skirts, blouses and suits has to be 45 inches. For men’s shirts, pants and suits, the requirement is 45 inches. For floor length dresses, it has to be 72 inches. It is 30 inches for clothes of 3 to 4 year old kids. For children’s clothes 6 – 12 years old, the requirement is 45 inches.

Rod Length

The standard closet dimensions require a minimum of 48 inch lengths per person. For heavy and lightweight clothes, 3 to 4 1/2 inches is needed. Per each man’s garment, 2 1/2 inches is recommended.

Shelve Space

Between the first shelf and rod, the minimum space should be 3 inches. The first shelf’s depth has to be between 11 to 15 inches. For the second shelf, an 11 inch depth will suffice. The allowance between shelves should be 8 to 9 inches.

Note: not all units adhere to these measurements; some can be much bigger.

Walk-in Closets

These are available in a variety of sizes. The small ones are suitable for those who need to hang clothes and a bit of space to walk around. The measurements will allow you to change and choose clothes, but that’s it.

The medium size versions are big enough to sit in. Some units also have room for a full length mirror. The seating option is good for those who have to sit when putting on their shoes. These units also give you room to move around.

The largest units are as big as a bedroom. All the space you will need to move around will be allotted. These are used not just for changing clothes but also for fixing your makeup and hair.

Given its dimensions, the unit can be used by more than one individual. Full length mirrors and other accessories can be installed without worrying about space problems.

Whatever the closet dimensions you choose, make certain that the space is sufficient for your present and future needs. If you think your wardrobe will increase, get the biggest unit possible.

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