Bed Sheet Sizes Chart

A bed sheet is an important feature of a bed. It serves as your bed’s outfit. Before, it used to be that sheets only come in white cotton. But today, there are a lot of colors, fabrics, patterns, and styles to choose from. Sheets are also classified into two: fitted sheet and the flat sheet. The fitted sheet is the one that is placed snugly onto the mattress. It is fitted securely, hence the name. The flat sheet is usually the top covering of the bed. It may either be tucked on the sides or laid hanging loose for the sake of style.

Bed Sheet Sizes

Bed sheet sizes widely vary as bed sizes are also different. You can find a suitable bed sheet size for the bed size you may have at home. In case you have a customized bed, you might also need to get a customized bed sheet.

Beware, however, of the bed sheet size you pick. Make sure to look through the actual dimensions because bed sizes are also widely varied according to manufacturers.

Basically, there are King sheets, Queen sheets, Full sheets, and Twin Sheets among others.

Choosing your Bed Sheet

Aside from the size, there are other considerations in choosing your sheet. There is style, there is fabric, and of course, there is price.

Choose a bed sheet style that will mix well into your bedroom design. It is important that you choose it in a color that will blend into the rest of your room.

In terms of fabric, this will have to depend on your budget and how luxurious you want your sheet to be. Bed sheets are available in cotton, silk, satin, and flannel. You can choose your comfort level requirement based on the feel of those fabrics.

Bed sheets vary in price, according to a lot of factors. It is a nice investment to shed some cash on but you should never break the bank for it s well. The best tip is to buy one as a luxurious as you can afford.

Caring for your Bed Sheet

Since it is not a very cheap investment, you should learn to care for your bed sheet in order to make it last long.

If you are washing your sheets in a machine, set it on gentle. You may use cold or lukewarm water and less detergent than you would normally use. After washing, dry your sheets and fold it immediately. You would not want a lot of wrinkles in it so it comes smooth when placing it on top of your bed.

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