What is the Size of a Body Pillow?

A body pillow is a type of bed pillow that is usually elongated and narrow. It is used to support the body or the head. This pillow is also sometimes called a bolster pillow.

A body pillow comes in several different sizes and while this type of pillow is generally elongated, it does come in other shapes as well.

What is the Size of a Body Pillow?

Basically, the answer to the question, “What is the size of a body pillow?” is that it is generally around 20 inches in diameter by 60 inches in length.

There is however another version of this and specifications for “What is the size of a body pillow?” for a rectangular-shaped body pillow are: fourteen inches in width by four feet in length.

Apart from the above specifications, there is also a slightly bigger variation of this rectangular-shaped body pillow. “What is the size of a body pillow?” in this case, is approximately five feet and six inches in length by ten inches in diameter.

There are just your regular, elongated body pillows. As previously mentioned, body pillows may also come in different shapes and their sizes are basically determined by their shape.

Other Body Pillow Shapes

Usually, shaped body pillows are used by pregnant women. These provide them with the right support to give them the utmost comfort in their sleeping positions.

Pregnant women sometimes find it hard to find the most comfortable sleeping position because of their bulging bellies and body pillows provide some form of relief.

Wrap Around Body Pillow

This type of body pillow provides support for pregnant women by cradling their bodies. It is like a donut-shaped pillow and is great for supporting the back.

“What is the size of a body pillow?” of this type is generally around 25 centimeters in height by 80 centimeters in width by 135 centimeters in length for each arm.

L-Shaped Body Pillow

Another great pregnancy pillow is what is known as the L-Shaped pillow. This is also great for supporting the back, head plus the legs. The size of this type of body pillow is usually around 25 centimeters in height by 70 centimeters in width by 120 centimeters in length.

Keeping Body Pillows Clean and Fresh

While these may not be your standard bed pillows, these nevertheless have their own pillow cases which means that you can also keep them fresh and clean longer.

Usually, manufacturers that provide body pillows also have their own line of pillow cases so you won’t have a hard time finding the right-sized cases to snugly fit your chosen body pillows.

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