How Large is a Camping Stove?

Camping stove sizes range from the compact backpack types to family size units. The small ones measure 8 x 7.8 x 6.5 inches but others are bigger at 13 x 4 x 13 inches. Some units are even larger.


These are portable cooking devices. Various kinds are available but canister and liquid fuel are the most common. If you need a stove with numerous burners, get the family size gadget. If you need one that is light and compact, the backpack types are your best bet.


The camping stove sizes differ, but the basic construction is the same. The frame will hold the cooking elements. The lid is usually made of metal. Remember that these stoves should not be used indoors.

The canisters are regarded as the simplest to use. The reason is a knob is used for managing the fire. Various types of fuels can be employed for canister types. The canister is joined to the burner.

The liquid camp has a kerosene or gas tank. By pumping the tank, pressure grows and it is ignited. These stoves take longer to ready compared to the canister.


The family sizes are robust enough to handle large cooking pots. There will be more than one burner installed. The backpacking stoves have only one burner. However, they are more convenient. The backpack types are foldable. So they take up even less space. The light weight is important for hikers and campers since they will be carrying other equipment.

One of the most popular features of stoves is the grill. These are steel racks that can fit over the elements. Many popular stoves have them. The grill is made for cooking burgers, hotdogs, steaks etc. The regular types are made to hold pans and pots. Stoves with grills have a grease pan that holds the drippings.

Other Information

Before you get one, make sure you understand all of its features. The camping stove sizes are very important for the backpacker. You want one that is small enough to carry around but will meet your cooking needs. If you are camping alone, compact stoves will be enough. If you will be bringing the family along, get bigger stoves.

You should also make it a point to study the features of the stove. The specifications can be read in the company website. You can also get the information in online stores. Go over them carefully so you can get the best one.

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