How Big is a Fishing Lure?

The fishing lure dimensions that have to be used depend on the fish. Many like to use 1/8 oz spinnerbaits. Other sizes, bigger and smaller are also used. The exact size actually hinges on the type of fish you want to catch.

What Lure is Best?

There is no single best lure to use for fish. Fishermen carry different kinds of lures in their tackle box because they can be used in different times. Some baits work best by the surface. Other baits function better in the deep.

Others have to be retrieved quickly and others slowly. The lure should match the fish habits. If the fish swims near the ocean surface, use a surface lure. If the fish is lethargic, avoid a fast moving bait.


The fishing lure dimensions alone do not make the bait successful. Color is a factor too. When fishing for bass trout, go for crawfish colors. Other colors that work well are gold, silver and chrome.

These are good when looking for schools of fish. If water visibility is poor, you need to use chartreuse, pink or other vivid colors. If water is clear, other “fish-like” hues will be sufficient.


These are the most effective baits. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be used in shallow and deep waters. They can be fast, slow and in varying motions. Regardless of size, they can be used in willows, underwater trees and weeds.

The inline models are best in open water, but they can also be applied along rocks. The safety pin types should be set on flats, stumps, boat docks and long points. The spinnerbait is the most efficient in dirty water. They also excel during the spring and summer.


These are best on bass that are active. These are ideal for those times when you need to look for bass by the reef or hump. They can also be handy when searching for fish along launch ramps or road beds.

The crankbait can be used in the woods. However, it is not easy and should be attempted by those who have experience. The best colors are crawfish or reddish orange, chrome and firetiger.

Many other fishing lure dimensions are available. It will take some time before you can truly get the hang of it. The best option is to try different types of bait and see which works best. Eventually you will find the ones that suit your fishing style.

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