Worlds Biggest Gemstone

A gemstone is a piece of mineral that is cut and prepared for the production of jewelry. However, there are also non-mineral substances that are also used in the production of gemstones such as certain rocks and organic materials. These gems are usually things of value. Many have also wondered about the biggest gemstones in the world.

Objects of Desire

Throughout history, gemstones, gold, and treasures have been the objects of desire of many. Talk about precious gems and the word treasure usually comes to mind. Many have sought them out leaving behind homes and other cares. At times people travel to remote locations following rumors, tales, or even a map where the supposed treasure is located. Unfortunately, this dream just remains as it is – just another dream.

Biggest Diamond

You might be surprised to know that the largest diamond chunk ever to be discovered isn't found on this planet. It's actually located out in space located near a dead star. That huge precious rock weighs a hefty five million trillion pounds and is 2,500 miles in width. Unfortunately, it is located about 50 light years away from our planet so it is truly impossible to harvest.

If you're looking for the biggest diamond ever found on earth then you're looking for the one that weighed more than 1,000 carats. It was found in August 2007 by a mining firm in a province in North Western Africa. The previous record holder for the biggest diamond in the world was the Golden Jubilee, which was found in 1985 and weighed 545.67 carats.

Another member of the family of the world's biggest gemstones is called the Cullinan. It was found in 1905 near Pretoria. These are the three biggest diamonds to be found on earth. However, do take note that the actual diamond found in 2007, which is the biggest one so far, has yet to be confirmed.

Biggest Ruby

There is a significant amount of debate with regards to the world's largest ruby. There are several rubies that count as some of the biggest gemstones in the world. For instance, when the Rajaratna Ruby was unveiled in 1986 it weighed 2,475 carats. Another contender was even certified by the Gemology Institute of America and it had a total weight of 18,696 carats. Yet another contender comes from Myanmar weighing 21,450 carats.

Biggest Emerald

To complete our circle of the biggest gemstones in the world, we need to include an uncut emerald that has a weight of 86,136 carats. It was discovered in 1974 in Carnaiba, Brazil. Another emerald discovered in Madagascar also contends for the title of biggest emerald. It was discovered in 2005 and had a total weight of 1,182 pounds.

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