How Large are Deck Mounted Rod Holders?

There are many deck mounted rod holder sizes to choose from. Some units measure 9 x 2 (L x diameter). Other sizes you will come across are 11 x 2, 12 x 4 and a few others. The figures naturally affect its capacity.

Essential Features

Aside from its capacity, installation is the key component. You want to make sure that it can be installed easily. Designs vary, but the angled look is ideal. A natural appearance will look great be it on a kayak or other vehicle.


The holder is used for storing rods; as you become more experienced, you will likely carry different types when fishing. With the holder, you can free your hands without worrying about the rod.

Aside from the deck mounted rod holder sizes, other characteristics have to be assessed. A rounded tube edge is recommended; sharp edges can be dangerous when the vehicle starts moving. The holder is going to be very handy if you have to do several tasks at once.

Safety Reminders

Many holders will require some cutting during installation. You will have to use a knife or power tool, so be careful. Follow the instructions when installing.

Buyers Tips

Many people prefer to buy online. The products sold there are usually affordable. However, cost is not the only thing. You should read the product description. Get as much detail about the holder as possible. This is to avoid buying a second-rate product.


Aside from the deck mounted types, other variants exist. They are generally divided between home storage, mobile storage and active storage. The active holders function as you wait for the fish to bite.

The kind of holder utilized at waterway shores are stuck on the surface. This variant has an angled slot on the buried part. This permits the anglers to put the pole in the holder. Now they just have to wait for the fish.

The stationary holders are those fastened on a vehicle. They are typically secured on a pier or boat rail. The mobile holders are utilized for moving poles from one place to another. This is necessary to protect them from damage. Some holders can also be adjusted. Other features can be found on various holders.

The deck mounted rod holder sizes is one of the first things that a buyer looks at. While it is significant, you should evaluate the other elements of the device. Ask yourself if the extra features are worth the price.

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