How Large are Canteens?

The dimensions of canteens are measured in oz. Some of the most common sizes are 40 oz, 25 oz and 16 oz. Other sizes are available similar to what is used by other water bottles.


The canteen is a bottle used to store drinking water. It is used frequently by field workers, soldiers, campers, soldiers and hikers. The bottle has a shoulder strap so it can be secured to a belt.

The bottle can be covered with padding or cloth bag. This will protect the contents and act as insulation. A canteen cup is included in most bottles.


Various dimensions of canteens have been discovered. The earliest bottles were built from hollowed-out gourds. Others were made up of leather bags. Later on, the bottle was built from glass. The bottle came with a basket cover that was woven. A cork stopper was used to seal the bottle.

During the mid 1900s, the bottles were built from metal such as aluminum, stainless steel and tin plated steel. All of them had a screw cap. The cap was fastened to the neck via a strap or short chain. This was necessary so water loss could be prevented. The drawback is that pinhole leaks appeared when the bottle was dented. A bump against sharp rocks also produced the pinholes.

The Kalahari hunter-gatherers utilize ostrich eggshells to hold water. These are pierced and then utilized as canteens. The use of these eggs suggests that they were being employed as far back as 60,000 years ago.

The modern designs are made almost entirely from plastics. The most widely used plastics are polycarbonate and polyethylene. They are resistant to leaks even when bumped. These plastics are also lighter compared to metal.


Empty the bottle and remove any straps, holders or attachments on it. Pour hot soapy water in the bottle. Shake the bottle. Pour the water out. Repeat the procedure two to three more times. Use a sponge or clean cloth to clean the exterior and mouth. Pour clean water into the bottle.

Rinse and pour the contents out. Keep repeating this until there are no longer any bubbles remaining. Set the bottle on a towel upside down. Let it dry.

The right dimensions of canteens to choose depends on how far you will hike. You only need the regular size if you are hiking for half the day. But if you are trekking for several days, you have to bring bigger bottles.

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