How Big is a Mess Kit?

Mess kit dimensions are determined by the size of its contents. Some kits have a 14 ounce pot, 6 inch frying pan, a 7 inch deep dish and 10 ounce cup. Others have even smaller components.


The exact numbers will vary, but the kit will have standard kitchenware that can be used during camping. These kits are also used by the military. Designed to be portable, the kit contents are light and compact. This makes it easy to prepare and eat food. The most common contents are cutlery, a plate, a cup and the frying pan.

Design and Style

The kits are usually constructed from aluminum or stainless steel. Some of the items may be made from plastic. This is usually the case with the cups and plates. To make the mess kit dimensions more compact, many of the items can multitask. For example, the kettle may also be used as a coffee pot. The skillet can also function as the pot lid and so on.

Many of these kits are designed for a single person. But some are built for several people. If the kit is designed for family use, the number of components will be greater.

Mess Kits for the Military

These kits are very similar to the ones used by campers. But they are usually lighter. They are also designed to make use of space well. This is made possible by its multifunctional components. The lid for instance, can also be used for cooking the food and eating in it.


Lightweight kits are essential for campers, but this should not compromise the quality. Note how much weight it can handle. Some handles bend when handled incorrectly. Some kit pieces bend, but they also bend back. In some kits, the skillet handle can get very hot. You might suddenly drop the pan and break it. The kit may also get bumped, so the components have to be strong.

Other Information

Read the product description closely. Many of these pans are not non-stick. You should also check the combined weight. The good ones will weigh less than a pound even when you add up all the components. Most of the items are very cheap, so you don’t have to worry too much about the price.

The mess kit dimensions are compact and comfortable to use. If you are looking for an easy way to cook and prepare meals, these kits will be right for the job.

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