Excavator Dimensions

An excavator is a piece of heavy equipment used for digging and scooping out dirt, gravel and other materials. Although the basic purpose has not changed, the machines have different specifications.

Caterpillar Excavator Dimensions and Specifications:

Models 307C, 307C SB and 308C CR

The 307C excavator has an operating weight of 6.49 metric tons and 5' 6" long arm. The digging depth maxes out at 13' 6". The mini/max bucket capacity is 0.2 – 0.45 cubic yards. The net hp is 54. Model 307C SB has an arm/stick length of 5' 6". The maximum digging depth is 13' 8". The operating weight is 7.5 tons. The min/max bucket capacity is also 0.2 – 0.45 cubic yards.

The 308C CR model has a net hp of 54 and a min/max 0.15 – 0.34 cubic yard capacity. The digging depth is 15' 5" and the arm stick is 7' 3" long. The operating weight is 8.04 tons.

Models 314C LCR, 315C L and 318C L

Model 314C LCR comes with an operating weight of 14.81 tons and 9' 10" arm length. It can dig to a maximum depth of 19' 6". The bucket capacity (SAE heaped, min-max) is 0.39 – 0.97 cubic yards. The net hp is 90.

The 315C L weighs 16.75 tons and has a digging depth of 21' 6". The arm stick length is 10' 2". It comes with 110 net hp. The 318C L operates at a weight of 19.65 tons. The arm/stick is 10' 6" long and the digging depth is 22' 6". The minimum/maximum bucket capacity (SAE heaped) is 0.52 – 1.33 cubic yards.

Other Excavator Models

The 320C L SLR weighs 22.634 tons when operational. The arm stick length is 20' 1" and the dig depth is 39' 0". The bucket capacity (SAE heaped, min-max) is 0.60 – 0.80. The net hp is 138.

The 321C LCR has an operating weight of 24 tons. The digging depth is 21' 9" and the arm length is 9' 6". The net hp is 138 and the min/max bucket capacity is 0.62 – 1.75 cubic capacity. The 365B L-II weighs 68.13 tons with an 11' 10" arm length. The digging depth is 27' 6".

The excavator dimensions and specs may look similar, but even the smallest difference affects the performance. That is the reason why so many models are available; they are made to suit different requirements.

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