Ideal Rear Spoiler Dimensions

A spoiler is an aerodynamic device that can be installed in cars. It is used to spoil adverse air flow along the vehicle when it moves. Spoilers are often installed in sports cars, but many commercially available autos can be fitted with these as well.

Ideal Rear Spoiler Dimensions

This will depend on the car model and make. This means that most rear spoilers sold today are custom fit. To find the ideal fit, you just go online and look for a site that sells the device. A list of car manufacturers will be shown.

Click the one that matches your vehicle. Choose the model and the year. Several rear spoilers for that vehicle will appear. If your car is made by one of the major brands, you won’t have problems looking for the ideal size.

Usage and Application

Apart from affecting air movement, these devices are often installed at the car’s front because they can direct air flow. These also help limit the air flow below the car, thereby limiting the aerodynamic lift.

These are often necessary for sports cars. Many passenger cars, however, just put them on for styling purposes. Unless the ideal rear spoiler dimensions are used, they could in fact worsen the car aerodynamics.


Wings and spoilers are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. The automotive wings are devices that produce downforce. This is different from the spoilers that interrupt the air flow.

Materials Used for Spoilers

These are constructed from either of the following: ABS plastic, silicon, carbon or fiberglass.

ABS plastic is used by majority of equipment makers. The ABS plastic is usually combined with different admixtures. This results in a cheap but rather delicate material.

Fiberglas is now used by many because it is low cost. These are usually made from synthetic tar and fiberglass filler. They are durable, but producing many can drive up the costs.

Silicon-organic polymers are currently the most favored material for spoiler creation. Their biggest advantage is the plasticity. They are also noted for their long life.

Carbon is similar to fiberglass. It is also strong and light. However, it isn’t widely used because it is so expensive. Another problem is that production of it generates a lot of waste.

As the information above shows, getting the ideal rear spoiler dimensions should not be too hard. It is actually more challenging to decide on the material. For many though, carbon and silicon remain the top choices.

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