Velg Dimensions

There are different velg dimensions to accommodate different vehicles. Because the velg or rim can affect the performance of your car, you must choose the proper size.

How to Get the Rim Size

Check your car owner’s manual and the vehicle’s factory rim specifications. The majority of vehicles are capable of mounting rims slightly bigger than the factory default. Note however, that rim dimensions will have an effect on the vehicle’s performance.

Large or Small Rims?

It depends entirely on what you want. If you want the car to be lighter, a smaller rim is recommended. Small rims can also improve fuel efficiency in the long run. It won’t be apparent quickly. But the savings will add up over the years as you use your car. If you are after performance and better handling, you are better off with wider rims.

Rims with a wide horizontal diameter are going to help improve vehicle acceleration. Large velg dimensions will also improve cornering. If you are into racing, these factors will definitely have to be considered.


Rims are available in different styles and appearances. The best looking are those with an outstretched vertical diameter. Rims that are drawn out vertically are more pleasing to the eye. But there are those who prefer circular or rims that are stretched horizontally.

What Rims to Get

If you want improved performance and aesthetics, get rims a couple of inches bigger than the ones that came with your car. But if you are after looks, get vertically set rims. If you are after speed, the horizontally extended type is the way to go.

Measuring Rim Size

Rim widths ranges from 9 1/2 inches for trucks and 5 inches for cars. To get the diameter, measure from the interior groove the tire head is at. It is less difficult to take measurements if the tire is taken off the wheel.

The figure will be an inch larger if you measure the outer rim diameter too. You can get the tire dimensions by evaluating the tire’s inner diameter, height and width. The specifications are at the outer sidewall. One of the most common specifications is P205/40R16. The 205 denotes the width’s widest point in millimeters.

What these figures show is that velg dimensions play a key role in determining a vehicle’s performance. Whether you are a racer or just want to save on gas, the rim will be crucial.

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