Biggest Monster Truck

Meet Bigfoot 5

The biggest monster truck in the world to date is the Bigfoot 5, which was built in the year 1986. There have been other contenders for the title and no doubt there will be others that may come to take away the prestigious title. This monster truck was constructed by Bob and Marilyn Chandler.

The world's largest monster truck was built in St. Louis, Missouri. It is no longer raging through race tracks these days but is now used as a sort of display vehicle in Hazelwood, Missouri. If you want to see it live then you should pay a visit to the Bigfoot world headquarters.


Bigfoot 5 is 15' 6" tall and weighs more than 28,000 pounds. It uses Firestone Tundra tires that are 10 feet tall. It is made from a 1996 Ford F250 Pickup Truck. Its engine size is 460 cubic inches. It is not only the biggest monster truck in the world today, it is also the world's heaviest one out there.


The construction of this huge behemoth during the summer of 1986 and was able to make its initial appearance at the Indianapolis Fall Jamboree. Its humungous tires were taken from an Alakian Land Train, a vehicle used by the army at the close of the 1950s. The tires were owned by Mike Walsh, a monster truck driver from Seattle.

Walsh initially wanted to sell the tires for $30,000. For obvious reasons, Bigfoot 5 owner Bob Chandler declined. Chandler visited Walsh after a year but there was no change in the selling price for the said tires. A year later Bigfoot vice president Jim Kramer bought the said tires from Walsh at $1,000 per tire. This was after a phone conversation between Bob and Jim. Half a year later, the other four tires were sold for $700 each.

Transporting the Big Boy

If you think driving the biggest monster truck in the world is hard enough, try to imagine moving it from one location to the other. Bigfoot 5 usually just stays put outside of the Bigfoot HQ as a display. However, it is usually taken to different events where it makes an appearance to delight the fans.

To move this monster truck to a different location, you will have to use a fork lift. You also need to use one just to change the tires. That is a job that will take three hours to finish, which would make you want to pray that you don't get a flat tire. A transport trailer is also used for transport. The trailer should be able to carry both the fork lift and the world's biggest monster truck.

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