Available Advertising Space on a Train

Outdoor advertising in the form of billboards, posters and signages have always played a major role in the advertising campaigns of various companies all over the world.

This form of advertising focuses on product recall, giving your target audience repeated opportunities to view your ads through print advertisements strategically placed in locations where your target market is most likely to frequent.

For companies targeting the mass consumer market, an effective way of advertising is through the public transportation system. For instance, if there is an Available Advertising Space on a Train, companies often scramble to get this since train commuters number by the thousands everyday.

With train advertising, you can reach a bigger audience on a daily basis, for as long as your advertisement is in place.

Available Advertising Space on a Train

Depending on your preferred ad size, Available Advertising Space on a Train comes in a variety of options. The sizes will also determine which part of the train your ad will be placed.

Most advertising agencies specializing in outdoor advertisements provide services for train ads. General train ad spaces are the following:

Overhead Advertising – Your ads will be placed directly above the windows and train doors, making them within eye level of people inside the train’s cars.

Standard Available Advertising Space on a Train for overhead ads are eleven inches in height by forty-six inches in width and eleven inches in height by seventy inches in width.

Poster Squares – These are placed on the spaces between the windows and the doors of the train. They can also be placed at both ends of the trains. Dimensions for these poster squares are twenty-two inches in height by twenty-one inches in width.

Overall Wrap – With this type of train advertisement, your ads will cover the entire outer portions of the train. Available Advertising Space on a Train for this depends on the size of the train.

You may also choose to have all your ads placed in all cars of the train, from the overhead racks to the spaces between windows and doors; plus both ends of the train.

Other Factors to Consider

Apart from determining the Available Advertising Space on a Train, other factors that you should consider are the design of your ads and the time frame by which you want your ads displayed on the trains.

Usually, agencies that specialize in ad placements also provide help in this area. They either have their own design team to take care of your ads or they have affiliates who can do the designs for you.

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