What is the Size of a Compact Excavator?

Mini or compact excavators are now being used in many construction projects because they are less expensive than their full sized counterparts. These Bobcat models will give you an idea of the size of these models.

Bobcat Compact Excavator Sizes: Models 316, 322 D and 325 D

Model 316 has an operating weight of .76 tons. The digging depth is 5' 1" and has 10 net horsepower. The reach at ground level is 9' 0.5" and the maximum width is 2' 5.5". The digging force is 1,874 lbf.

The 322 D has an operating weight of 1.599 tons. The digging depth is 7' 2.5" and the net power is 16. The ground level reach is 12' 6.3". Its digging force is 3,408 lbf and the max width is 3' 2.6".

The 325 D has an operating weight of 2.787 tons. The maximum digging depth is 8' 4.6" and the ground level reach is 13' 10.7". The net power of the 325 D is 28. It has a digging force of 4,766 lbf and a maximum width of 4' 7".

Bobcat Compact Excavator Sizes: Models 220, 225 and 231

Model 220 has a maximum digging depth of 48 in. The width is 39 in and the height is 85 in. The length is 144 in. The dump height is 84 in maximum. The maximum bucket tooth height is 122 in. The digging force is 3127 lbf and the crowd force is 1613 lbf. The travel speed is 1.1 mph. The horsepower is 13.5. The operating weight is 3100 lbs.

Model 225 has a maximum dig depth of 73 in. The width is 55 in. The height is 94 in and the length is 166 in. The dump height maxes out at 99 in. The bucket tooth height maximum is 147 in. The crowd force is 2601 lbf and the dig force is 3750 lbf. The excavator has 21 hp and 85.1 cubic in displacement.

Other features include liquid engine cooling, diesel engine fuel and travel speed of 1.1 mph. Model 231 is 61 in wide, 94 in high and 190 in long. The dig depth maxes out at 195 in. The dump height is 127 in. The dig force is 5170 lbf. The operating weight is 7465 lbs.

The compact excavator sizes are not indicative of their strength. Although small in comparison with other earth moving equipment, they are still capable of performing various tasks.

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