How Big is a Turkey Baster?

Turkey baster sizes are diverse because they are designed in different ways. Some are 15.9 x 4.8 x 2 inches, while others re smaller and measure 12.9 x 2.8 x 2 inches. Their weights also differ.

How the Tool is Used

This kitchen tool is utilized for roasting and cooking. Before it is used, the tool must always be washed first. This is important whether the tool is used only occasionally or regularly. Prior to inserting it into the liquid, the bulb on top should be squeezed.

The baster is then set into a liquid at an angle. By relieving bulb pressure, the tube gets filled up. As the liquid is drawn up, air escapes via the angle.

Whatever the turkey baster size is, the tool should be removed after the bulb resumes its normal shape. It’s crucial that you tilt it quickly so the bulb is set lower than the tip. Quick movement is necessary as the tool is often used with pans, ovens, liquids and hot liquids.

Safety Precautions

Rubber gloves should be worn as the bulb can get hot.

Removing the Liquid

Remove the liquid when the bulb is round again. Tilt the tool back and position it where you want the liquid to be. Put the tip close to the turkey facing the pan. You may also place it close to a container’s edge.

Now you just have to tilt the baster right side up vertically. To control the release, squeeze the bulb. Tilting the tip will prevent unnecessary drips.


An inflexible or cracked bulb has to be replaced. However, another baster ought to be used for cleaning.

Features to Look for

The size is important but that is just one aspect to consider. The grip must also be comfortable. This is especially important if it will be used regularly. Durability is equally vital. It should be resistant to high heat. Measurement markings ought to be in metric and standard. Finally, it should be safe to use in a dishwasher.

Manufacturers have come up with different features to make their products stand out. You need to make sure that these features are truly helpful and worth the extra price.

Turkey baster sizes are becoming more diverse due to competition. As a consumer though, it is best to be aware of the features besides the dimensions. The ease with which it can be used must also be taken into account.

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