Stomper Dimensions

Grass stomper dimensions will vary because the term can be used for any gardening tool that flattens grasses and lawns. Shovels are used for leveling grass, and these are available in various sizes. Grass rollers can be used the same way. Some of them measure 18 in x 24 in while others are 20 in x 27 in. Whatever the size, it can be used for adding sod. 
How to Put in New Sod in the Garden 
Required Tools and Materials 
Eye protection
Work gloves
Sod cutter
Step 1

Put on your work gloves and protective glasses. Start by marking the spots where the dead grass is. You can use a white powder or color spray to denote these areas. 
Step 2

Make the cut as level as you can. Whether it is rectangle, square etc, make it as even as possible. This is where the place will be inserted. 
Step 3

Get the sod cutter and slice the marked portions. Remove the dead grass and roots. 
Step 4

Use the hoe to scrape the parts until the dead grass is gone. Add the starter fertilizer in the area where the sod will be put. 
Step 5

Get the sod out. Slice them to the dimensions that will get the grass. Pat the material in. Ensure that the sod can fit in snugly. There must not be any space left between the grass and the sod. 
Step 6

Prepare to stomp the grass. Depending on the grass stomper dimensions, it may take a while before you can flatten it correctly. You can buy or rent it. 
Step 7

Water the sod. Water it often so it doesn’t dry up.If the weather is hot, more water will be needed. 
Tips and Warnings 
There are many tools that can be used to stomp on grass. If you are going to buy one, you need to go over the product specifications. This will make it easier for you to determine if it meets your needs. 
You can buy these in home improvement stores. You can also find these online. Aside from the product specs, it pays to check the different sites online. Make sure you use the device properly so mistakes can be avoided during the purchase. 
The grass stomper dimensions can also determine how easy it will be to use. This isn’t difficult to do. If you are not familiar with the variants, you can ask help from someone versed in gardening. 

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