Putty Knife Sizes

The putty knife sizes differ, although many have a width of 1 i1/2 inches. Others are wider at 2 inches and some are 3 inches. It is also known as a spackle knife.


The knife is a scraping utility that looks a lot like the kitchen spatula. The knife is characterized by the blade, which is flat. The tool has a solid handle and can be used in various construction projects. The knife can also be used in different home related tasks too.

Types and Variants

The putty knife can be divided into two types: the one with the stiff blade and the one with the flexible blade. The stiff blade type is made from steel materials. This does not blend and is quite thick. The utility is ideal for use in any task that requires a rigid utility.

For example, this knife can be used for scraping. It can be used to take off wallpaper or paint. Whatever the putty knife size is, the knife can be used to remove any rough spots on an even surface.

The flexible putty knife is equipped with a thin blade. This makes the blade bendable. This type is similar to the spatula and can be used in a way similar to it. For example, the putty knife can be used to apply a sealant.

It may also be used to apply a covering agent on a surface. The knife is often equipped with a plastic handle and body. The knife can be used several times, but it is also disposable.

Other Information

Both types of tools can be purchased in hardware stores. Stores often carry different types of putty knives so you can pick different types. These models are not expensive, particularly the disposable ones.


To scrape, hold the knife in an overhand manner. Position it at an angle of 45 degrees at the area that needs to be scraped. Thrust on the surface firmly to remove the debris.

If you will use it to spread materials, hold the knife in an overhand manner with the index finger at the putty knife’s back. The angle has to be set at a 45 degree angle. Spread the material as desired.

The putty knife sizes and types mentioned here are just some of the versions you will come across. Many more may be available, so be sure to check out stores and online sites.

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