How Large is a Mosquito Net?

Mosquito net sizes are measured by the mesh. These should be small enough to keep the insects out but sufficient for air to flow freely. The most common mesh measurements are 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm. The specs needed to keep malaria away are 120-200 mesh/square inch. If you are worried about the sand fly, get a 0.6 mm x 0.6 mm net.


Any shape will be fine as long as the net is big enough to cover you. It should however, not make contact with your body. If your skin touches the net, the mosquitoes will locate it and bite. The rectangular nets offer the most space.

If you move around a lot, this is the one to get. The pyramidal nets are the smallest. Whichever shape you choose, the bottom of the net must be placed below the mattress. You can use safety pins, screws or hooks to keep the net in.

Material Used for Nets

These nets are made from polyamide or polyester. The good ones are durable and lightweight. They are sold in different mosquito net sizes and various thread thicknesses. Cotton nets are also available but they are prone to dampness. They are also heavy compared to other materials.

But if you are spending several days in the tropics, cotton is a more attractive choice. It is more comfortable. Water can be sprinkled on cotton to make the place cooler. Other fabrics are also available in the market today.

Design Variations

Various types are available. Several nets are coated with pesticide. This helps keep mosquitoes and other insects away. This provides protection that ordinary nets do not have. While the designs vary, the purpose is the same; to keep these insects away from you.

Most people are familiar with mosquito net sizes for beds. But there are nets for dining tents, gazebos and patio tables. There are also nets designed for those who are always on the go.

Treated Nets

Permethrin is usually applied on treated nets. This substance is man-made. After permethrin is applied, it gets stuck on the fibers. This substance is environment friendly. The treatment is not permanent. If you wash the net, it will come off. But there are permethrin sprays you can apply.

The mosquito net sizes determine how much of a deterrent it will be. You need to use the sizes mentioned in mind. Fortunately, most nets sold today have very small meshes.

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