How Large is a Minnow Trap?

The minnow trap size is something only you can decide. For square traps, you can make each wall 2 feet long. You can build it much larger, but this is usually enough.

Location is Important

No matter what the trap design is, it should never be immersed in deep water. Keep in mind that minnows typically reside in water that has little current. Rapid currents sweep them away, so avoid those places.

The ideal location is near the shore. The depth should be between one to six feet. Whenever possible, set the trap at bay-like areas or at the end of a lake.


No matter what the minnow trap size is, timing is of the essence. The best time is during the hours leading up to the night. But do not set them when it is totally dark. The ideal setup is to use the trap with a light. Minnows are attracted to light. If one is near the trap, your chances of catching one will go up.

Use a Rope

A rope must be secured to your trap. This will prevent the structure from sinking into the waters. The rope has to be fastened to a tree or another sturdy object. Make sure the rope is sturdy; otherwise it will sink along with the trap.

Weather Conditions

Do not leave the structure if there is heavy rainfall. This is especially true if the water has a soft bottom. If you do, the rain will stuff the trap with silt or mud. This is going to kill any minnow caught in the trap.

Notes about the Anchor

An anchor is ideal when using the trap. It is particularly helpful when there is a strong breeze. If the weather is not favorable, place a rock or other large object at the trap’s bottom. This will keep the structure balanced.

Other Information

The long end of the trap has to be set in line with the flow. This will permit the minnow to go in the trap. This becomes possible because it will not be going in sideways. The trap has to be set along with the current so the structure does not tip over.

Whatever the minnow trap size is, it is best placed in a calm eddy stream. It is common for small fish to reside there so they do not have to keep swimming. Of course you must also ensure the trap is built properly.

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