Aquarium Bulkhead Sizes

There are many aquarium bulkhead sizes. Some of the most common are 2 inches, 1 1/2 inches, 1 inch and 3/4 inch. Putting one of these on and plumbing on a fish tank is going to expand your options for water filtration. The bigger the bulkhead, the more water can be pumped in it. Store owners can help you decide the right size for your tank.

Installation Notes

Make sure the bulkhead and overflow locations are well thought out. You can use a marker to draw the exact spot. If the tank bottom is tempered glass, do not drill. You have to link the bulkhead via the side or rear panels. You have to drill into them.

Regardless of aquarium bulkhead sizes, you have to be careful when attaching them. These items are composed of two pieces. A rubber washer is between them. When installing these components, the washer has to be at the bulkhead portion that will go in the water. Secure those bulkheads with a screw. These have to be fastened with your hands after screwing. This is to ensure they don’t fall off.

Making the Overflows

These can be constructed from acrylic or glass; acrylic is easier to work with. These are connected to the tank’s three other sides. The overflows’ top are placed an under the top of the aquarium. These overflows have to be glued. The seams have to be coated with sealant.


Plumbing has to be built within the overflow for the bulkhead outlet. If you don’t water will begin flowing and head into the bottom. This will produce a loud waterfall-like sound. This can be done using a PVC pipe. Just get a pipe that is an inch smaller than the bulkhead. Next you add a hook so it resembles the letter J. Now the bulkheads just have to be plumbed in the filtration system.


Test the system by turning the aquarium on. Monitor the system as it is going. This will give you time to adjust the settings. Make certain the water doesn’t cause a deluge on the floor. Also watch out if you have to reduce the water noise. If the J pipe makes a sucking noise, drill an opening at the J’s top. This will let air inside.

Different aquarium bulkhead sizes can be purchased on the web and in fish stores. These items have different price tags; compare each one before buying.

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