How Big is a Milling Machine?


The milling machine dimensions are diverse, as there are many variants available. The following are just some examples. 

Specifications of the Bridgeport Milling Machine

The spindle speeds are 67 – 275 rpm at low range and 550 – 2300 rpm at high range. The spindle taper is R8 and the quill feeds are 0.0015 – 0.003 – 0.006"/rev. The quill head vertical travel is 5" while the table travel long hand is 30". Table travel across is a foot. The knee table travel vertical is 16". The table dimensions are 42" x 9". 

Specifications of the Universal Milling Machine 

The working surface is 1050 x 250 mm. It has 3 T-slots and 15 mm wide. The milling machine dimensions give it a T-slot pitch of 62 mm. The lever / screw longitudinal movement is 600 mm. The table screw movement is 230 mm. The spindle bore is 17 mm and the inside taper is ISO – 40. The arbor is 25.4 mm. There are half a dozen spindle speeds. 

The range is from 50, 85, 110, and 240. There are 3 feeds. The main drive electric motor is 2 HP, 1440 RPM, 440 V. 3 Phase. The floor space is 550 x 925 mm. The height is 1500 mm. The coolant tank capacity is 20 liters. 

Specifications of the VM1 B Milling Machine 

The length is 1700 mm and the width is 1500 mm. The height is 1800 mm and the net weight is 1800 kg. The gross weight is 2200 kg. The working surface is 1100 x 250 mm. The swivel is 45 degrees. The table loading capacity is 200 kg. 

It has a single rapid feed, with 9 feeds in total. The spindle taper is ISO 40 and the no. of spindle speeds is 9. Manual quill travel is 95 and the range of spindle speeds RPM is 40-1100.

Specifications of the M-1B Milling Machine 

The gross weight in kg is 2200 while the net weight is 2000 kg. The overall height is 1550 mm and the width is 1400 mm. The machine is 1600 mm long. It has a total of 9 feeds and the spindle speeds number 9. The spindle taper is ISO 40. The arbor diameter of the machine is 25.4 mm. 

Always keep in mind that the milling machine dimensions are subject to change. Since the specs can be altered without prior notice, check with the seller before you make the procurement. 

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