How Big is a Camping Stove?

Camping stove sizes differ. Some measure 23.3 x 14.9 x 5.9 inches, while others are bigger at 33.4 x 14.9 x 6.9 inches. To find the right size, you need to determine how many people are going to be fed. If it’s just for two, a small stove will suffice. If you have a dozen coming around, a bigger stove is in order.

Why Use Stoves?

In many cases, campsites do not permit the use of campfires due to potential danger. Campers with small kids in tow probably won’t use a fire either. In this case, the stove becomes the practical choice. Many of these stoves are portable so you can carry them with you. On the other hand, there are full featured types that can rival the backyard BBQ.

Fuel Source

Apart from the camping stove size, you should also think about the fuel source. The most widely used are kerosene, unleaded gas, Coleman fuel, butane and propane. Some are capable of handling multiple fuel sources. Others can only handle one kind.


The most common variants are the liquid fuel and canister designs. The most lightweight are the backpack stoves. The so-called family size has a full range of features, but they are bulky. Design varies per product. But the most basic is composed of a frame and metal case. These will have the cooking features and other elements. These stoves are meant only for outdoor use.

Canister Stoves

The canister variants are simple to use. You can control the fire with the knob. The canister uses butane, propane or a mixture of the two. It has an oblong shape and made of metal. The device is linked to the burners and set at the stove’s front.

Liquid Fuel Stoves

These stoves come with a tank continuing kerosene or white gas. The device is ignited by putting pressure on the tank. Pressure is applied via pumping. Compared to a canister stove, it takes longer to prepare.

Family Size Stoves

As the name suggests, these are units that can accommodate large cooking pots. This is ideal if you have a lot of company. They usually have at least a couple of burners installed.

But if camping stove sizes matter, the backpack stoves are recommended. They are small enough to be placed in a pan. But they can unfold to a large size. They have a single burner. If you are hiking, this is perfect.

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