Test Tube Holder Dimensions


A test tube holder or rack is utilized for containing test tubes. These are also called test tube racks. These racks have holes where the tubes can be inserted. 

Test Tube Holder Dimensions 

There are some test tube racks that can contain eight test tubes up to 16 mm diameter. There are other test tube racks that can support a dozen test tubes with diameters of 18 to 20 mm. Some test tube racks have different hole sizes to accommodate different tubes. 

These tubes can hold six 50 ml, seven 15 ml and over 20 1.5 ml tubes. The dimensions of the racks differ. Some measure 128 x 105 x 43 mm, 130 x 107 x 45 mm, 140 x 110 x 53 mm etc. 


Aside from the varied test tube holder dimensions, the holders are built from different materials. Polyethylene is used frequently because it is resistant to acid and various chemicals. Other racks are made from polypropylene. 

Other racks are made from special materials to make them steam autoclavable. The temperature varies, although 121 C (250 F) is not uncommon. Many holders come with pins for draining and support. The quality racks also let you store the racks empty, full or upright. 

These tubes also have end plates for label purposes. Other test tube holders are extra long. Others are more compact and designed to be space savers. To get the right test tube holder dimensions, you must consider the test tubes you want to install there and how many. 

For example, 13 mm tubes will need tight holes. Colored test tube holders will be needed if you are handling hazardous chemicals. 

Other Ways to Use Test Tube Holders 

Test tube holders are not limited to the laboratory. The holder can be used for holding flowers. Just fill the test tubes halfway through with water. Chop small flowers into single stems. Place these in the test tube. 

You can also use the test tubes to store markers. Placing the markers into test tubes makes them easy to access. To use the test tube as a spice holder, fill each tube with the spices. Seal it with a cork. Put the spice’s name over the cork. Put the test tube holder in the cupboard.

Test Tube Clamps 

Test tube clamps and racks are sometimes confused with one another, but they are not the same. The test tube racks are used to store the tubes while the clamps can hold only a single tube at a time. The clamp is often used to grab a test tube when heating it. 

This reduces the risk of getting burned. These clamps are constructed from thick metal wires. These are set into clamps so you can grab the heated tube. These clamps come in varying sizes, but many are five inches long. 

The test tube holder dimensions and materials used to make them are so varied you need to be aware of the various types out there. Doing some research will keep you from making the wrong purchase. 

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