How Large is an LED TV?

LED TV sizes are as varied as those of LCDs and plasma TVs. The smallest set usually sold today is 42 inches. The largest is 63 inches, but many companies are coming up with even bigger models.

Recommended Viewing Distances

These distances are generally for 3D TV programming, but they are also applicable for “non 3D” TV. It should be stressed that this is a guide only. People will always have different opinions regarding
the right distance.

For a 42 inch set, the ideal distance is 7 feet. For 46 inches, it is 8 feet. For 50 and 52 inches, it is 9 to 10 feet. 10 to 11 feet is the ideal distance if the set measures 55 inches. A distance of 12 to 13 feet is recommended for a 60 inch TV. If your ideal LED TV size is 63 inches, the distance should be 13 to 14 feet.

Basic Considerations

The right size will depend on how far you intend to sit from the set. Of course this will depend also on the dimensions of your room. Pick the distance you are most comfortable with. Watching too far is difficult.

But watching too close can induce eye strain. The TV may also appear too bright. Since people have different tolerance levels, only you can determine the right distance.


Judder refers to the jerky side to side movement that affects some sets. Fortunately, many of the newer models have a feature that disables this. You can avoid judder distractions by not picking a TV that is too big.

For example, don’t watch a 60 inch set just eight feet away. The TV will be so big it becomes impossible to see everything. You can buy a smaller set or watch it 14 to 15 feet away.


Standard LCDs have long used CFL fluorescent lighting. But these have numerous problems like low contrast and hazy blacks. LED back lighting has eliminated these problems. LED lighting consumes less power than incandescent fluorescent light.

LED lights last longer and are more robust. Their energy usage is also much better compared with plasma TV. The viewing angle and contrast is just as good as plasma.

Besides the different LED TV sizes, their costs are going down as well. Even the largest models sell at a fraction of the cost they used to. At the same time, their features are also increasing dramatically.

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