Dimension of a TV Stand

A TV stand should be more than just aesthetically pleasing; it should also be sturdy and spacious. Below are the specs for some TV stands being sold in the market.

TV Stand Dimensions: Techcraft HBL52 52 Inch

The Techcraft HBL52 is 52 inches wide and has a depth of 19.8 inches. It is 19.8 inches high and weighs 82.5 pounds. The unit is designed for 52 inch flat panel TVs (smaller ones can also fit). It uses a diamond shaped tubing to provide extra strength. It has a black silkscreen glass designed to match TV sets.

The stand is made specifically for LCD displays. The bottom shelf can fit objects up to 5.25 inches tall. The high shelf can store objects up to 6.5 inches high. The TV stand has enough room for receivers on the upper shelf.

TV Stand Dimensions: Techcraft Veneto Series SWP60

The Techcraft Veneto Series SWP60 measures 21.75" x 59.75" x 21.25" (H x W x D). The structure can support weights of up to 260 lbs. The material used is wood veneer and can also be used for storing assorted audio / video equipment.

The package comes with all the screws and hinges necessary to put the whole structure together. The stand is large enough to fit in a DVD player, a 42” flat screen with room for other accessories. The center door has a screen installed, suitable for placing speakers. The screen can be taken out and replaced with a glass one instead.

TV Stand Dimensions: Bell’O FP-9830

The Bell’O FP-9830 is 32" wide x 30" high x 18-3/4" deep. The topmost shelf is 13" deep and 32" wide. The center shelf is 11-7/8" high, with a depth of 13-1/2". It is 32" wide. The lowest shelf is 32" wide and 14-3/4" deep. The usable height is 11 7/8” between the center and lower shelf.

The TV stand includes a wrench for putting the furniture together. The Bell’O FP-9830 is designed for plasma and LCD TV up to 32”. The upper shelf can hold up to 100 lbs and is made of black tempered glass. The furniture also comes with the CMS (cable management system) for organizing the cables and wirings on the back.

TV Stand Dimensions: Techcraft Veneto Series ABS60

The Techcraft Veneto Series ABS60 measures 24" high, 60" wide and 23.625 deep. The TV stand can carry up to 200 lbs. The TV stand can fit in a 60” wide TV. The doors are framed so the components are hidden.

The TV stand also has room for storing gaming consoles, tuners and speakers. The shelve heights can be adjusted. The back board has perforated openings for the cables. The furniture is designed for flat panels.

Although it is called a TV stand, most of the time people put more than just the TV there. If you’re going to put a lot of extra stuff, you’ll need to assess the size carefully. Don’t just assess the TV stand dimensions: the shelves and other storage facilities should also be considered.

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