Christmas Decoration Sizes

One of the more popular symbols of Christmas is the stocking. It is displayed in many homes hoping that Santa or anyone from the family who would play one would fill it in with Christmas goodies and toys and fruits and coins.

Since the early times, Christmas stockings are left hanging empty on Christmas eve so when Santa Claus comes over, he will have a place to leave his small gifts. Stocking fillers or stocking stuffers interest young boys and girls, sometimes even the adults. It is pretty exciting to dig the sock for some surprise.

There is no record of history regarding the beginning of such a tradition that includes the Christmas stocking. Popular legends, though, have been retold from time to time to single out the symbolic significance of the Christmas sock.

Today, Christmas socks play a more decorative role in the homes. That’s why it is usually hang from the first day that the house is dressed up for the occasion. That is also why there are a variety of Christmas socks sizes available in the market.

Christmas Socks Sizes

Like most Christmas decors, the stocking comes in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs. There is really no standard look for the Christmas sock. It can be as small as a few inches to hang on the tree, to a couple of meters to decorate a good amount of outdoor space. The size of the stocking would really depend on your need and your preference.

Guinness World Records noted the largest Christmas stocking, which is sized at 32.56 meters long and 14.97 meters wide. This was from London and was recognized in December of 2007. It held a thousand of presents, which were given out to The Children’s Society. It was made as part of a fundraising project from the supporters of the organization. Previously, the record was held by Canada with its 19.25 meters long and 8.23 meters wide stocking.

It does not really matter what size of stocking you buy because children would be more interested about what’s inside. But for the sense of home design, you must choose a stocking that would complement the space or room you intend to place it in. If you are putting it on the front door, make sure that it is big enough to be visible but not too big that it will eat up the whole space on your door. Also, fill it in with interesting treats like candies, toys, and other small gifts. Children would appreciate every kind of present and wonderful surprise.

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