Fountains Size Chart

The size of a fountain is as varied as their shapes. A sphere outdoor fountain may be 10 inches in diameter for the small version. A medium size could be 14 inches. The weight could range from 60 lbs to 140 lbs. Here are a few things you should know before you buy.

Choosing a Fountain Type

Before checking the size, you must pick the fountain type. There are wall fountains, garden fountains, tabletop fountains and floor fountains. There are also subcategories in each one.

For example, there are wall fountains of copper, glass, stainless steel etc. For a garden fountain, there are bamboo, granite, lightweight, pond and so on. Do some research and pick the one that suits your style.

Measuring the Size of a Fountain Correctly

If you choose a wall fountain, measure the wall length and ceiling height. A high ceiling will make a vertical wall fountain the logical choice. A horizontal fountain is suitable if the wall is long and the ceiling of average height.

Don’t put a vertical fountain on a wide wall unless there’ll be other decorations around it. On the other hand, don’t put a horizontal fountain in a place with high ceiling. Also keep in mind that wall fountains are usually 6” deep.

Setting up a Wall Fountain

Get a tape measure and determine the size of a fountain. Put sticky notes on the corners. Step back and look. You’ll be able to tell if it looks right. You can also cut a cardboard as per the fountain’s dimensions. This may help you visualize the placement more easily.

Tabletop Fountains

Make certain the table or desk is large enough to hold the fountain. You can do this by checking the fountain’s diameter. Next place an object similar in size to the desired fountain on the table. You can use this to determine if the fountain looks good with the other objects there. If height is an issue, pile some books up to the fountain’s height and check the clearance.

Note on the size of a fountain: dimensions for those that use stones are approximate. Add a few inches to the measurements just to be sure.

Floor Fountains

The key measurements here are height and width. For the height, stack some boxes and examine the clearance. When checking the width, keep the surroundings in mind. Unless the fountain is by itself, the objects around it should complement the scenery and not clutter it.

Outdoor Fountains

For outdoor fountains, the rule is to get the biggest one you can afford. This will definitely be the center of attention, so a large one is ideal. Be sure it is set in a conspicuous spot. At the same time, pay attention to the plants and flowers.

Your fountain will look much better if the environment is also clean. This is of course also applicable to the other fountain types.

Figuring out the size of a fountain that’s suitable for your home isn’t hard. As long as the spacing is correct, it should fit right in.

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