Suspension Size Guide

Suspension sizes and specifications are often model specific. For the Honda Prelude S, Si and VTEC, the front suspensions are 25.4 mm. For the rear it is 23 mm (anti-roll bar O.D).

What the Suspension Does?

The suspension determines how smooth or rough the car ride will be. That is the reason why some vehicles are very smooth and others are bumpy. A good suspension system will let the car hug corners effortlessly and let the passenger drink without worrying of making a spill.

Parts of a Suspension System

The components will depend on the suspension system. Among the most common parts are torsion bars, shock absorbers, dampeners, leaf springs, coil springs, and the chassis. Any of these parts may be used to form various suspension sizes and types. It is not necessary for all those components to be part of a suspension system.

Shock Absorbers / Dampeners

These are used to dissipate the energy as it is absorbed by the leaf springs. If the shock absorbers are working, the people in the car will barely feel the bumps and dips when riding. Faulty dampeners will make the car bounce for extended periods.

Torsion Bars

Also known as anti-roll bars, they are used to level the side by side movement as the car turns a corner. These are crucial in top-heavy vehicles.

How a Suspension System Works?

When the car begins to speed up, bumps will change forward energy to vertical energy. This will go through the frame. This will cause the car to jump off the road or reduce the tire friction. Afterwards it will come down even harder.

What the leaf and coil springs do is to absorb the up and down force. This will prevent the tires from jumping off. Majority of cars have the leaf and front springs at the back. Most 4WD drives have front and rear coil springs.

Digital Coil Spring Tester

This tool is used to check the car suspension alignment. The device is placed below the chassis. It can determine if the suspension can be repaired or must be replaced. Other tools that may be used to check the suspension are spring platform wrenches, digital caster/camber gauges and 3/8-inch drive spring platform adjusters.

Regardless of the suspension size used, what becomes apparent is that it is very important in cars and other vehicles. It is also a very complex system, so the repair is best left to a trained mechanic.

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