Umbrella Sizes

There are different sizes of patio umbrellas and it is essential to identify first the specific size you want to have before purchasing one. There are three elements in identifying the sizes of patio umbrellas and these are the height, weight, and coverage area.

The Height

When you say height it refers to the height of the patio umbrella starting from the ground level going up to the tip of the umbrella. It also refers to the length of the umbrella clearance within the ground and the rim of the canopy.

There are two shapes of patio umbrellas – pyramidal and dome-shaped. Knowing about the height of patio umbrella can help you decide where is the best place to position it. If the size of patio umbrella that you have bought is nine feet up to the tip, then you must have to look for a clearing in your house that has a vertical space of at least nine feet for the patio umbrella to fit in.

The common size of patio umbrella when standing has the height of six to 12 feet and has the clearance of about 5.5 to 9.5 feet. Upon purchasing the correct size of patio umbrella, consider greatly the clearance starting from the ground level to the rim of the canopy.

The Weight

The structure at the foundation of the patio umbrella is where its entire weight is greatly concentrated. The weight of the foundation is what’s keeping the umbrella to stand properly amidst the blowing of the wind. The usual weight of the foundation is between 20 to 50 pounds. There are patio umbrellas whose foundations are filled with water or sand that serve as ballast while other umbrellas do not have any ballast fills since they are already heavy.

If you like to reposition your patio umbrella every now and then, then the weight of 20 to 25 pounds is ideal. But if you are living in a windy region, then purchase a patio umbrella with a foundation weight of 40 to 50 pounds.

The Coverage Area

What is referred to as the coverage area is the surface area that the canopy of the patio umbrella covers. The calculation for the four-sided patio umbrella is width of the canopy multiplied by the length of the canopy. The calculation for the circular patio umbrella is radius of the canopy multiplied by itself and the product is multiplied by the value of pi (3.14). A standard size of patio umbrella has a usual coverage area of 12 to 40 square feet.

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