Spy Cam Dimensions

Whether you want to monitor a room, office etc, there are several spy cameras you can choose from. As you will see, their sizes vary as much as their features.

Spy Cam Dimensions: Instapark Nanny Cam

The Instapark Nanny Cam measures 2 x 1 x 1 inches. It comes with a microphone and works with adaptors or a 9 V battery. It is in color and with audio. The range is up to 200 ft. It comes with adapters and other hardware for connecting the device to a TV, computer or video cassette recorder (this will require a TV tuner or capture card).

The camera can also be attached to a remote control car and TV for a first person view. This can be done by linking the receiver to the TV and attaching the battery and camera to the car.

Spy Cam Dimensions: SVAT GX5204 Wireless Handheld

The SVAT GX5204 Wireless Handheld Camera measures 3 x 1 x 7 inches. The camera and monitor can be run on batteries. The device can be linked to a TV, DVR or computer and can be expanded to two cameras. The monitor has three modes: auto, manual and scan. The GX5204 is wireless and has 360 lines of TV resolution.

The unit also functions as a transmitter. This makes it possible to relay video to the monitor. The monitor itself is a 2.5” LCD screen. The system also has an auto cycle feature for going through all the cameras. The system uses AC adapters but can also work with 9 v batteries.

Spy Cam Dimensions: Logitech WiLife

The Logitech WiLife camera is 4.3 inches high, 1.8 inches deep and 5.9 inches wide. It weighs 1.1 lbs. The Logitech WiLife conceals its camera functions by appearing and working like an ordinary clock. The hardware platform is the PC and the video format is WMV.
The camera is set up by installing the software and plugging in the camera.

Once the USB is plugged into the computer, the camera is ready. The camera also has options for email and schedule alerts. The unit comes with two receivers (for USB and Ethernet). The CD drivers are included as is the hardware for mounting the camera.

Spy Cam Dimensions: Mambate GB USB 2.0 SPY Pen Video and Voice Camcorder

The Mambate GB USB2.0 SPY Pen Video and Voice Camcorder measures
150 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm. The video format is 640 x 480 (fps) and the picture format is 1280 x 1024 pixels (JPEG). The unit has a webcam for photo sharing and taking pictures.

There is also a 4 GB flash drive to hold and move files. The video compression is AVI (352 x 288). The microphone can also record voices within 15 sq m. The memory capacity is good for up to 10 hours of video. The camera supports Windows 9x and up, the Mac OS and Linux.

The spy cam dimensions specified here are just examples. As technology improves, their size will likely become smaller and the quality of audio / video improve.

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