Bed Sizes Comforters

It is a great way to dress up a bed with a comforter. It makes a bed truly comfortable, with an air of class and sophistication. Then again, to be able to maximize the value of your comforter, you must choose the right set for your bed’s size.

Size Matters

Size is an all important factor when buying just about anything – including comforters. You must be able to choose the right size of comforter to make sure that they will help beautify your bed, up its comfort level, and accentuate your whole bedroom space.

When choosing a comforter size, you must be familiar with the bed sizes. However, you must understand that there is no absolute standard. Some countries even set their own standards, which is quite different from the others. The most common size charts used are those that are being followed in the United States and United Kingdom.

Here are the common bed sizes that are mostly available in the market:

US Standard

Single – 39” x 75”
Double/Full – 54” x 75”
Twin Extra Long – 39” x 80”
Three Quarter – 48” x 75”
Super Single – 48” x 84”
Full Extra Long – 53” x 80”
Queen – 60” x 80”
California Queen – 60” x 84”
Olympic Queen – 66” x 80”
King – 76” x 80”
California King – 72” x 84”

UK Standard

Toddler bed – 27” x 55”
Small Single – 30” x 72”
Standard Single – 36” x 75”
Prince or Small Double or Three Quarter – 48” x 75”
Standard Double – 54” x 75”
King – 60” x 75”
Super King, also regarded as the “Queen” – 72” x 75”

In case that you cannot find a suitable comforter size for your bed, you can always have one customized. Then again, be prepared to spend a little extra than you would for a readymade comforter.

Caring for your Comforters

Comforters do not come cheap. That is one perfect reason for you to learn to care for it so you will be able to maximize its value.

One of the most challenging parts of caring for your comforters is washing it. Since they can be oversized with large panels, not to mention quite heavy, you may need to bring yours to a professional laundry service to keep it clean. Shops that offer laundry services have front-loading washing machines that are really huge and can accommodate any size of comforter. If you are not capable of washing your set at home, you can bring it to a laundry shop for thorough cleaning.

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