Standard Bathtub Dimensions

The standard bathtub dimensions are 60″ x 30″. This figure is for the rough opening. The other measurements are outlined below.

Bathtub Sizes and Specs

The typical tub is rectangular in shape. It has a small bathing well. The interior measures 45″ by 22″. This measurement is for the bottom. The bathing well top part usually has dimensions of 55″ by 24″. These dimensions are used for fiberglass and cast iron types.

How to Measure a Bathtub

It is fairly easy to know if the standard bathtub dimensions are applicable to the one in your bathroom. Stand close to the tub. Get a measuring tape and get the size of the base, width and lengthwise. If the tub is wider or narrower at the base compared to the top, get the top part’s dimensions.

Do not forget to measure the tub well’s interior bottom. The next step is to get the distance from the drain to the wall nearest it. If you are going to install a new tub, measure the width and height of the bathroom door. This will help you determine what tub size can actually fit in the door.

Space Considerations

Do not forget to check the space available in the bathroom. This is not just for the tub, but for the shower stall and anything else you plan to install there. In other words, you have to plan before you buy.

Tub Styles and Variants

There is no single right style; it is all a matter of personal preference. These are also available in different colors. In terms of materials, there are plenty to choose from. These include cast iron, marble and composite. Also used are steel, gel coat, acrylic and fiberglass. While the colors vary, most use the standard bathtub dimensions.

Other Factors to Consider

These tubs are also available in other shapes. Rectangular is very popular, but there are also round ones. You must also take into account whether the water can heat 65% of the water volume. Before installing the tub, consider the water source.

The location of the closest power outlet must also be assessed. The pump must also be easily accessible. If the tub will be set lower beneath the flooring, ensure there is space below it.

Regardless of the size, installing a tub is a fairly complex task. Unless you are sure of the whole process, the installation is better left to professional installers.

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