Pillow Dimensions

In finding the right pillow for any type of need – for sleeping, Pillowa quick nap in the office, décor, marriage purposes, and other needs –you need to think about the appropriate pillow dimensions to take note of before making the final decision to purchase it.

Not every size would actually fit all. That is why it is important to learn a bit of the various pillow dimensions available in the market.

Here are some of the usual picks with their sizes to choose from:

Ring Bearer’s Pillows

Various sizes are there for you if you want to buy a ring bearer’s pillow. A standard size would be 8" x 8", mini-sized types would be 6" x 6", and there are also heart shaped pillows sized 10" x 10".

Decorative Pillows

The term decorative pillows may mean anything from a throw pillow, accent pillow, or designer pillow.

For these types of pillows, the dimensions are: 12 inches by 16 inches and 12" x 28". Aside from these dimensions, you can also buy some decorative pillows known as throw pillows with sizes of around 17" x 17", 18 by 18 inches, 20" x 20", 12" x 20", 12" x 24", 12" x 19", 19" x 19", 16" x 24". They come in different shapes, too, including the common square-shaped and rectangular.

Bed Pillows

If you’re shopping for a bed pillow, there are also many designs and sizes to compare before choosing the pillow that would suit your preferences.

There are some bed pillows made from polyester. The dimensions for this are 20 by 26 inches for its standard size. There are also sizes of around 17 by 34 inches that can help lull you to sleep. What’s more, you can even ask for a custom-sized type if you desire.

Foam Pillows

Some foam pillows do not merely give you comfort but also provide much-needed safety. These are said to be anti-microbial, mildew proof, hypoallergenic, and even dust mite resistant.

Usually made with cotton or polyester, foam pillows can be purchased at sizes that range from these dimensions: 24 by 15.7 by 6.5 inches for the standard size, 27.6 by 15.7 by 7.0 inches for the queen size, and 33.1 by 15.7 by 7.0 inches for the king sized versions. You can also choose the firmness – soft, firm, or medium.

Backrest Pillows

A backrest pillow is a wonderful item to provide relief and relaxation for your back. Those who have back pain or would like to avoid it in the future can use this. One of the best sizes around to choose from is around 16" x 18" in length and 6" x 8" for its width.

Down Pillows

Down pillows are also similar, in a way, to foam pillows because they are both commonly used as bed pillows. However, you can also these for travel, for maternity, or for your toddler’s use. A good size would be 74 by 48 cm. Others are offered in 13 by 20 inches.

Different pillow types offer various pillow dimensions as you can see from these choices. That is why you have to stick with your own preferences before venturing out to shop so you would not get lost or dizzy from the numerous options you have.

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