Average Walk in Closet Dimensions

Average walk in closet dimensions have a width of five feet. Most of these are five to six feet long. These days, widths of 8 ft are becoming more common. The following explains these sizes in detail.

Standard Sizes and Designs

The 5 ft wide closes have room for several 24 inch closet rods. You have enough space to hang clothes plus walking space of three feet. That is the minimum walking space recommended. Anything less than that will leave you feeling cramped. For many that size is too small already.

If it is for just one person, 5 x 6 may be enough. You will have room for shelves and one set of double closet rods on two walls. Alternatively you can put double closet rods at one wall and shelves on the other. Place closet rods on all the walls if you have lots of clothes to hang.

Larger Spaces

The average walk in closet dimensions mentioned above is likely too small for two people. They have to be 8 to 12 feet long and 5 feet wide minimum. This gives each person enough room for shelves, closet rods and walking areas. Larger dimensions allow you to separate the shelves and closet rods.

Shelf Specifications

The majority of these closets come with double closet rods forty and eighty inches off the flooring. Pay close attention to the height. Tall clothes require rods at least 72 in off the floor. Shelves can be set up any way you like. A good start is to put the first shelf at least 17 inches up. Don’t forget the spacing; at least 70 inches is required to hang your wardrobe at opposing spots in the closet.

Other Information

Don’t forget to about the door location. Is there enough space for them to swing out freely? If the doors swing in, be certain it doesn’t get in the way of the shelves. Adding an island in the closet requires extra room. The closet has to be 10 feet wide at least to install a 2 foot wide island. This is the absolute minimum; you will only get two feet walking space.

If average walk in closet dimensions aren’t enough, add a peninsula. This provides more storage room than an island. But your closet has to be 12 feet wide at least. That is the minimum requirement and will give you restricted walking space. A wider closet gives you more room.

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