Mirror Sizes

Mirror sizes vary from one type to another. If you haven’t really given much attention to these differences, you may be a bit surprised to learn that no two mirrors can actually be similar in many ways.

So what are the types of mirrors and their mirror sizes? Let’s break them down into two: The basic or curved mirrors and the unusual mirrors.

One: The Curved Mirrors

The Convex Mirror

A convex type of mirror is one of the kinds of curved mirrors. It has an outward-curved fashion, which makes it look like it has a smaller size than it actually has.

Mirror sizes for this type come in 450 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm, 850 mm, and 1000 mm. Its thickness is measured at around 1/2 inches.

Other shops have overall measurements for these types of mirrors at around 20 inches by 48 inches for its width and height. While this measurement sounds typical, there are some shops who slightly adjust the measurements around 24 inches by 16 inches.

These can be used outdoor or indoors.

The Concave Mirror

A concave mirror is made with around 2.5 centimeters in its diameter in most shops. Other stores have dimensions of around 53 by 5 by 72 inches for this type of mirror. There are also measurements of around 315 by 230 with a diameter of 145 mm and a weight of 1050 grams if you look around.

Also known as a converging mirror, these types curve in an inward position. Its focal point is at its curvature.

If you look at these mirrors at a few steps away, you may see that the image on the mirror is inverted. But there’s no need to worry because as you step closer, your image flips in an upright position and gets magnified from the focal point of the mirror.

Two: The Unusual Mirrors

The Non-reversing Mirror

Measurements for a non-reversing mirror typically hold equal sizes for two mirrors that are used for this type of mirror. Basically, that would be around 2 ft by 2 ft for each mirror that will be placed in a perpendicular fashion.

It was in the year 1887 when this type of mirror was created and patented. The person who created this is John Derby.

The Two-Way Mirror

A large size for a two-way mirror can be about 72 inches by 48 inches. Other mirrors have 90 by 206 by 508 inches for its size.

Measuring this kind of mirror in centimeters, some shops have offers with measurements of around 17 by 14 centimeters.

The Acoustic Mirror

There are also different dimensions for an acoustic mirror. You may find some measurements at around 9 by 6.4 by 0.6 inches. There are also product dimensions of 22.9 by 16.3 by 1.5 centimeters.

These mirrors were used years ago by the English military. Made to be huge, these mirrors were known to have an ability to distribute and reflect or capture sounds. That is why the military use them as a system for warning them of air attacks.

So the next time you’ll have the urge to buy a mirror, keep in mind that there are a lot of options on the mirror sizes and types in the market.

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