Patio Door Sizes

Patios are often used for recreation as well as for informal gatherings or small parties. These provide you with an excellent outdoor space where you can relax and lounge.

These are usually connected to the house so you can easily slip in and out each and every time you want to go out to the patio. This being said, your patio door should easily open and close particularly if you want to have a smooth transition between your outdoors and indoors.

When considering patio doors, there are basically two things that you need to look into: patio door sizes and types.

Patio Door Sizes

Unless you want a custom-sized door, patio doors usually come in standard sizes. These are generally around 2 feet and six inches up to 3 feet in width for each door panel and 6 feet and 8 inches high.

While the height may stay at 6’8”, the widths of these doors may also come in 5 feet widths, 7 feet and up to 8 feet for both panels. What this means is that for the 5-foot width, you will approximately have 2 feet and 5 inches for each panel.

For the 7-foot wide door, each panel will be 3 feet and 5 inches in width while the 8-foot door will each have a panel size of 4 feet.

Patio Door Types

There are basically two types of patio doors: sliding and hinged. Sliding doors are often the preferred choice by most homeowners. These are also known as gliding doors and bypass doors.

These are ideal if you want a bit of sunshine into the house without having to actually open the door as these are often made from glass.

Hinged doors on the other hand, are somewhat like your standard home interior door except that these are usually glazed. Usually, one panel of this door is fixed and the other panel swings inward or outward.

Patio Door Glasses

When replacing glass for your panels, it is important to know the size of your door. For a door that measures 6 feet wide by 6 feet and 8 inches high, glass panels for this are approximately 34 inches by 76 inches.

If your door is 5 feet wide, glass for each panel would be around 28 inches by 76 inches. For a 7-foot wide door, glass for each panel would be approximately 40 inches by 76 inches.

Finally, if you have an 8-foot wide door, glass for each panel will measure around 46 inches by 76 inches.

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